Monday 25 August 2008

It Turned Cold, That's Where It Ends...

Summer 08 sure knows how to go out with a bang.

First of all, my favorite band lost a gifted musician - LeRoi Moore passed away. If a member of DMB dying does not put an immediate damper on everything, I don't know what would.

The Allman Brothers Band was at CMAC friday night. My dad and I have been going to see them every summer for the past four years - usually at the end of August. Paired up with them was Bob Wier and Ratdog for the second year in a row. You may know Bob Weir as the former rhythm guitarist for the Grateful Dead, and his band Ratdog pretty much just covers Dead songs. Basically, this is the ultimate summer show. You've got college kids, aged hippies, Dead Heads of all sorts, and even high-class older folks with their grandkids. It's quite the event. I kind of think of it as a goodbye party for summer every year. It's like the climax, the "hm, what have I learned this summer?" moment.

Among other things, the pool closed, XC started, and Chelsea leaves for Italy on Wednesday.

Lastly, a certain relationship came to an abrupt end last week, and it wasn't pretty. I sort of lost a best friend. Everything I knew this summer has now changed. I don't even want to be an archaeologist anymore. (1)

With everything ending, it can't be overlooked that all sorts of new things are starting. Obviously school, xc, marching band are starting, but other things are in the works too. Now I'm going to be seeing my friends everyday - some of whom I have not seen all summer. Friendships are forming and evolving. Ciera is leaving, but she's starting a whole new college life, that hopefully I will find some sort of niche in. Let's not get too bummed out about summer ending; fall is my favorite season.

So here we go, about to enter my senior year, a bit more grown up and a bit more corrupted. I'm not really worried about school this year - I'm going to have 2-4 study halls a day. (2) Hopefully I'll pass my road test (3) and be able to drive to Fisher/Naz often. I don't really want to make a huge, cheesy, emotional deal out of this year. Yes, it's the last of everything in high school for me. Sure, I'm going to miss it. Can we please just get this over with, and not cry at every "last rehearsal" or "last show" or "last meet"? That would be spectacular.

1. Now, I want to major in communications. Maybe do PR, like Samantha Jones
2. Which will probably be spent playing my fiddle in the band room.
3. My mother has finally found out about this.

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