Saturday 14 March 2009

This summer concert lineup is going to drain my bank account

My dad just tells me, "Oh hey, I heard Coldplay is at Darien Lake in June!" and is confused when instead of jumping up and down, I say, "what the hell."

Sure, I'm excited that I get to see one of my favorite bands live at a very convenient location, but I'm kind of angry because this summer, I'm going to spend ridiculous amounts of money.

I just went to see Dropkick Murphys, which cost me 40 + 55 for the train. 95 extremely well-spent dollars.

Here are the other events that might be stealing my funds this year:

March 23rd - Ben Folds at Waterstreet (with jim... and Meholick!)

April 26 - Third Eye Blind at Brockport (they're at canisius april 19th too)

April 29 - OAR at RIT (also at Fredonia May 2nd, I believe)

May 27th - Dave Matthews Band at Darien Lake

June 1st - Coldplay at DLake

June 12 & 13 - DMB at Saratoga Springs

Warped Tour at DLake - I'll go if Flogging Molly is there, but Less Than Jake and Big D & the Kids Table are on the tour too! :]

Allman Brothers come around every year, I can't imagine they wouldn't play in the area this summer. Obviously going to hit that up with my dad.

You might be saying, well, Molly, no one is forcing you to go to any of these concerts! While this is true, if I decide not to go and don't buy tickets, by the time the concert rolls around, I'll be sitting home alone, bored and wishing I went.

To justify this spending spree, I have been working since I was 15 and saving every penny. I'll work this summer too (but not at the town pool, which is closed this summer :[ ) and so I think I deserve this. It'll be worth it.


Joe Mignano said...

Molly - why is the town pool closed?

Molly Kate said...

I'm not totally sure. They tried to close it last year, but our boss Deanna convinced them to keep it open. This year she isn't coming back because she's having a baby, so without her, no one really fought to keep it. So I'm not really surprised, but I can't really say the exact reason it's closed, I think it was barely making enough money to support itself though. I'm sad though. I'm going to miss those crazy pool kids :[