Monday 13 April 2009

When I'm Mayor of NYC

So you're walking down NYC, and somehow, between the shady hot dog you just ate, the second hand smoke infesting every corner of your lungs, and the trash thrown all over the street, you feel sick. Your stomach is freaking. You might puke... You need a bathroom.

Most restaurants only let costumers use their restrooms, not just anyone who walks in. Small shops and stores don't have any, or don't want non-employees to use them. Your best bet is a starbucks, fast food place, or small cafe of some sort. But if you can't find one quickly... you're pretty out of luck.

THANKS TO THE WONDERFUL ITALIAN MEN AT BOTTICELLI, I didn't get sick in the middle of 5th ave and a disaster was avoided.

However, I think I would require establishments that own a certain amount of space to provide public restrooms. Because.... it's just so wrong.

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