Saturday 6 June 2009

Big Whiskey & The GrooGrux King

Overall, I think it's an awesome album, possibly DMB's best yet. Now that I actually know these songs, I'm super pumped to hear them at Saratoga (wooooooo)!

Here it is:

Grux- Nice little intro. Saxxxx pwn's.

Shake Me Like A Monkey - Meholick wants to play this in jazz band next year, and with good reason. The brass all but punches you in the face. Good luck finding a precussionist at LHS that can do this justice, though, because Carter tears up on this track.

Funny the Way It Is - The single. I've heard it so much that it's not my favorite, but I'm a fan of the lyrics and it's got a clear message. Good choice of a single.

Lying in the Hands of God - Not always into the slow tracks, so this one isn't a favorite either. I think it's got to grow on me.

Why I Am - The guitar part is reason enough to like this song, but the lyrics and melody make it awesome to sing along to. The winds really make this, in my opinion. One of the best on this album to dance to.

Dive In - I'm usually not one for chilled out tracks, just because I'd rather be crazy dancing, but I really like this one. I like the complex guitar part within the chorus. The lyrics are also pretty neat, who doesn't like a song about the seasons.

Spaceman - Big fan of this. It seems pretty Jack Johnsonesque to me, but it's a nice summer track. Especially the chorus. Some of my favorite lyrics so far:"I'm not all bad but I'm a faithful sinner/I might get lost but I'll be home for dinner/If God don't like me he can send me to hell/But I love the way you love me, girl". Mrs. Lawrence, however, does not like this song very much. Don't play it around her.

Squirm- The creepy, dark, badass song. I'm a fan.

Alligator Pie- I like running out here in the countryside to this, by fields and farms and woods, because it makes me feel like I'm in the deep south. It's comprable to Louisana Bayou, but I like it even better. The banjo is pretty badass, and I especially love when they break it down a bit in the middle and then at the end. I forsee some really great crazy dancing to this.

Seven - My personal favorite track. It's awfully complex. Dave's falsetto the start with sets up the funk feel of it, and it's got some really crazy rhythms - especially the chorus : "Mama told me boy someday that girl's gon' take your mind". This is the tolken song about Dave's facination with oral sex.

Time Bomb - Starts off soft but with unmistakable energy, and it just builds from there, until everything just goes nuts (much like a ticking time bomb).

Baby Blue - The beginning of this song is the same as sister which kind of wierds me out. I like sister better... I was actually surprised by the use of symphonic strings in this, it seemed a bit uncharacteristic of the group. Sort of neutral on this, I think.

You & Me - I'm not a huge fan of this, and I think it's just because to me, the chorus sounds sort of corny. It's pretty catchy and I wish it wasn't. I usually skip this one.

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