Thursday 22 January 2009

Taking the Plunge

As an avid, arguably obsessive, Harry Potter fan, I often come into contact with fans of Lord of the Rings. For years I've been avoiding the movies, fearing that they would ruin the great experience of reading the novels, and I've been avoiding the novels, fearing that they would quickly take up my life.

People are often surprised when they find out I've never seen the movies (which should probably say something about how I am socially percieved). Apparently I seem like the type that would enjoy losing myself in middle-earth. This inference (maybe stereotype) probably has some truth to it, though, and I think I would really get into this series.

After reading Lady MacBeth at a personally impressive speed (350 pages over 6 days, which is gigantic for me), I'm feeling rather ambitious, and possibly cocky. I greatly fear that Tolkien's tendancy to describe everything in obnoxiously specific detail will defeat me in my endeavor (as it has about three times before). I believe I am more mature now, perhaps a more capable reader, and maybe I will actually finish it this time.

So I am off to middle earth, to run with Elijah Wood and whatever other creatures might dwell there. Let's hope that I don't become too obsessed with this, because my Harry Potter fandom has already cost me quite enough money with costumes and the like.

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