Sunday 11 January 2009

You Shall See We... Four?

Casually stalking the Boondock Saints II page on imdb.coom today, I spotted a new character by the name of Jacob McManus. If you are a BDS fan, you probably just threw up a little. Yes, they are adding a third brother.

It makes sense, I mean, if the guys didn't know their father was the most skilled hitman the Mafia has ever known, they probably wouldn't know about a long-lost brother either. Although I wish his name was something more Irish than Jacob, I think this will be pretty cool.

However, I'm kind of scared that they've tried too hard to switch it up. There are loads of new additions to this film. Julie Benz, from Dexter and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, will be joining as Willem Dafoe's replacement, Special Agent Eunice Bloom. Billy Connolly, Il Duce, Noah McManus, was only in a few scenes in the original, and will probably be more involved in this one. It's my prediction that he will die, but that's just my gut feeling. It appears that Judd Nealson (you know him as the punk from The Breakfast Club and St. Elmo's Fire) will be the main mobster of the film as another member of the Yakavetta family. Peter Fonda (yes, Jane's brother) will be "The Roman", whatever that is going to mean. Also listed in the cast list on IMDb is a Father Sibeal MacManus. This looks like it could be quite the family reunion! I don't see any mention of mom, though.

One surprising thing that will not be changing is Rocco. There's been talk of a "dream sequence" to explain this confusion. Detective Greenley, played by Bob Marley (ha.) will be back, as well as Detective Dolly and Duffy, and the gun dealer. There is a new director of photography, but I'm sooooo glad to see that the Danna brothers will be composing the score again.

There's my update! Can't wait to see this.

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