Tuesday 4 August 2009

The Sound of Republican Orchestration

Damn Republicans, "orchestrating" this movement against a bill they don't agree with! How dare they educate the public on their side of the issue, encourage their supporters to become active in the debate, and ask them to make their voices heard! It's outrageous. People are protesting and it's all the GOP's fault. Democrats would NEVER provide information that is favorable towards their side, advertise their ideas, or encourage their members or supporters to act upon their opinions.

I mean, this is a democracy. Why would a party encourage ANYONE to voice their opinions?!


Andrew Stebbins said...

The R.N.C. has been circulating a memo calling for Republicans to "engage in every activity" to slow down health care reform. The memo calls the "experiment" potentially "risky."

Experiment?? Risky??

The Universal Health Care "Experiment" has been ongoing for the last 60 years. The US chose a voluntary, private-sector, employer-based system (at the insistence of the AMA). Every other industrialized nation chose a single-payer universal plan.

After 60 years of "experiment," history has proven that the single-payer system is very efficient and provides quality health care for ALL citizens. The US voluntary private-sector system is extraordinarily inefficient, costs 50% more than single-payer, creates mountainous superfluous paperwork processing, encourages insurers to waste time blocking coverage, forces insured patients extraordinary co-pays resulting in record breaking bankruptcies, forces both small and large businesses into competitive disadvantage, forces 17% of population off the system and another 30% with woefully inadequate coverage.

"Experiment" over.

I still have not seen a Republican alternative to assure every American gets covered. Seems their entire goal regarding health care is centered on two things. (1) Make sure their friends in the insurance industry maintain their total control over our care and (2) try to discredit any progress attempted by a Democrat.

Andrew Stebbins said...
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Andrew Stebbins said...

and, I should note, it would be a public OPTION. Keep your own insurance if you like it. If you don't, or can't get it, choose the public plan. It's not perfect...but it leaves the door open to more reform in the future.