Friday 7 August 2009

Up and Coming

This week, two blogs have been born which will surely be worth reading. I would like to take some bit of credit for encouraging, inspiring or suggesting the creation of these soon to be masterpieces.

You may have seen Andrew "Beans" Stebbins leaving ridiculously lengthy comments on my blogs (the last two). He is both very knowledgeable and opinionated, so this blog should be interesting. I, and I'm sure many others, would agree that Beans needs an outlet for his thoughts and opinions of current events and issues. I would be willing to bet that most of his blogs will be based on politics and baseball.

Different things can be expected from Sam Bortle's blog, as, while she's also very knoweldgeable on the world of politics as well as passionate for her beliefs, she's quite interested in pop culture and such things. I could be wrong, but I would expect book, movie and music reviews as well as political and social ideas (something like Damanta Maith)... all of which are bound to be written in her own entertaining, often humorous voice. While she's been a fellow writer of mine for quite some time (she was editor of our leroy best seller, The Word), she's definitely been someone to look up to! I would expect great things from Sam.

I have several other talented blogger friends, and all of them can be seen on this page. Some update frequently, while some tend to go portions of years without posting more than school essays (coughjamescough). Check them out! Most people reading this are probably on that list, actually, but if you aren't... you should be! Get a blog! Talk about things and pretend people are reading it! :]

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sam said...

you're the greatest