Monday 29 September 2008

Eleven Days

11 since my last post. I could probably come up with something to write a nice piece about, but I'm not really in that mood. I feel obligated to post something, though, so here's what's up.

I've been pretty much completely booked every minute of every day lately. Mondays and Wednesdays are band (except tonight), Tuesdays are xc meets, Fridays are often football games/spaghetti dinners, and Saturdays are XC invites, Marching Band competitions, weddings!, SATs, or a combination of these. Thursdays are usually free after practice, with the exception of Always Sunny in Philadelphia on at 10 pm. Sundays are free, too, but usually end up getting filled with a trip to Batavia, or somewhere with mom, or a NHS walk this weekend.
When I find a spare half hour, I try to make the boys soccer games.

On top of this, I've got quite a bit of work to do - AP Calc, AP English, PIG (which is actually no work), Latin, and soon-to-be AP Psych. I just got done recording a book for Mrs. B for community service. It was Ashes of Roses, and I forgot how much it completely sucks. Latin Club has been getting into full-swing... we're making Roman Bullae! They're pretty authentic... we also have to sew them. Which I have no time for.

I'm also trying to read Catch-22 for outside reading. I'm on page four, and so far it's fantastic!

As my room progressively gets messier, my mother progressively gets more pissed off, and that hasn't been working out too well.

And finally, the things I won't specifically mention in this blog - the many, many interesting problems, crises, and challenges all of my friends seem to be facing at the moment. It adds a lovely little layer of stress and devastation to my already gloomy life.

I hardly have time for Loretta any more, let alone my saxophone solo - Scaramouche! (will you do the fandango?). Oh oh OH, and how could I forget -this lovely stack of papers in front of me, papers that will soon be sent to people who will decide my very fate - got to love college applications. The upside is, I have my social security number totally memorized!

But the good news is - Fall is here. October is a few days away. I get to see everybody multiple times a day. Apples are all over my house, it seems. The leaves are changing, Halloween decorations are up (IN OUR KICKASS BAND LOCKER), and really, this is the best time of year.

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