Sunday 14 September 2008

There's more than one answer to these questions, pointing in a crooked line...

The following is more a series of frantic, stressed questions, than an actual blog. You will learn practically nothing from this; you will only become confused, and possibly overwhelmed and stressed out as well.

As I register for the October SAT's, I am asked ONE question: Where do you want to send your scores?
Thus, the chain of questions begins:
Obviously, you would want to pick the top schools you are interested in.
So I figure, alright, Binghamton is one.
Wait, no, because Binghamton does not require Subject Tests, so why send them?
..Because they look at them, and it can help you get in.. or money.
But why send them to Binghamton, who does not require them, when Boston University and Boston College, who are more competitive, do require the subject tests?
What about Emerson College, who only has a communications program? Do I really want to go there? What if I change my major and have to transfer? Could I still get into BC or BU (meaning Boston University, not Binghamton University, or University at Buffalo... both of which I am also looking at)?
Should I also send my scores to Hamilton? Would I really want to go to a small-town school like that? They are near Utica (which has a brewery that the Dropkick Murphys have performed at), and I could still do internships and study abroad in a city.
What about Ithaca? It seems perfect for me... but it's not in Boston.
What if I get to Boston and I hate living in a city?
Maybe I should just shoot for Providence, afterall, I loved it there... and there are two bars on campus.
Brown is also in Providence, and now that I no longer want to major in Anthropology, I could look into that...
What if I bomb these subject tests?
What tests am I even going to take?
Do I really know my algebra that well?
Am I analytical enough to succeed on the literature test?
Does the score really matter much, or just the fact that I took them?
Should I retake the SAT I's in December, to up my scores, so I have a better shot at Boston U or BC? Would my scores really improve much? ...They've already gone up 110 points since I first took them.
Damn XC sectionals, I want to take them in November!!!
Why am I going through all this, when I will most likely go to Binghamton?- cheap, solid education, tons of options.
...But it's not in Boston.
Am I being naive thinking Boston is the place for me? Do I only want to go there because of the large Irish-American population? I found a college on the same street as the pub owned by the Dropkick Murphy's lead singer...
What am I going to write my essays on? I'm not too worried about that. As so often demonstrated in this blog, I am a bomb-ass writer.
Why won't this common app download on my computer?
Why can't I be a minority??? or poor?? They are never going to give me money.
Speaking of money, I need to use all of mine to buy a laptop... or a truck, that I won't be able to use in a year at most schools.
Thank God I am taking AP Psych, it makes me look so much more impressive.
So does being drum major, and xc captain, and band council VP... I should just write that all over my application.
"Why do you want to come to Boston U?"
"I'm drum major and xc captain."
"What major do you intend to study?"
"I'm drum major and xc captain."
I should lie in my essay. I should write about how I saved starving orphans from a natural disaster in a thirdworld country... they will never know!
Why won't my parents just do what I tell them - get a legal separation? No one will ever know, they just need to do the paper work, and colleges will be paying me to go!!

I hate this college application process... but I cannot wait to go to college.

In the process of writing this, I did not actually decide where I want to send my SAT Subject Test Scores. I will probably just pick a few out of a hat.

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