Tuesday 30 December 2008

Melophobia: The Arcade Fire

Some people are afraid of clowns, heights, the dark, sharp objects (1). I, however, have a lingering grudge against, or persistent fear of, a Montreal-based baroque pop band. It may have something to do with a dream I had about drowning myself to their creepy-as-hell music. Maybe it's their bizarre-looking album covers that, for some reason, lead me to believe they are truly demons posing as musicians. Their album names bother me - "funeral", how depressing!, and "Neon Bible" - obvious blasphemy! Take a look at the picture above, and tell me that doesn't frighten the small, vulnerable child in you! Not even a spot on the soundtrack of my beloved Irish-American-Crime-Drama, The Black Donnellys (2), could redeem this group in my eyes.

However, most grudges are eventually dissolved. Today, as I was listening to Bright Eyes with my kickass new headphones, feeling all indie-rock and hipsteresque, I decided to give some "Patrick Music" - random indie/experimental/crazy stuff that Pat O'Halloran downloaded onto my computer eons ago - another try. Lately, as I read more into colleges I want to go to, I've come across several mentions of Patrick Bands, like Band of Horses, Sufjan Stevens, Bjork, Broken Social Scene (3), and, ahem, The Arcade Fire. (4) It seems that Patrick Music is actually College Music. Apparently, Patrick is the norm. Go figure.

This is all I'm going to say, as, while typing, I try to control my slightly-creeped out, shaking self. The Arcade Fire is not that bad. There is a chance that they are not, in fact, demonic. They might be human. Their music is, more or less, pleasing to the ear. As I listen to "Old Flame", I only slightly feel the tub water once again rising to cover my nostrils. During "Keep the Car Running", I may have even had a few quick moments of enjoyment. This may or may not be the beginning of a mediocre musical relationship.

1. My other, arguably, more realistic phobia. But that is another blog.
2. The Black Donnellys is probably my favorite show and it only lasted one outrageously violent and gory season. Damn you NBC!
3. For all you "Feist fans" who only know her from the iPod commercial, BSS was the band she was in before she was just Feist. And it's awesome.
4. Other notable Patrick Bands include The Shins (although I found them myself without Patrick's assistance), Wilco, Explosions in the Sky, Yo La Tengo, Chin up chin up, Spoon, and Deerhunter (i finally listened to them!).

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ali said...

i am proud of you.