Wednesday 5 November 2008

Barack On

I did not expect to get so excited about this election at all. Sure, I watched a portion of the debates now and then, and I scanned over Joe Mignano's blogs occasionally, but I didn't seem to have much of an opinion or much enthusiasm until the last week or so. I don't know much about politics, but it's obvious that yesterday and today have really been historical and pivotal times. Perhaps it's mere illusion, but it really feels as if things are changing - what exact things, well, I'm not sure, but the word "change" and the feeling of change seem to be everywhere.

Watching the celebration in cities throughout the nation, I'm not sure whether they are celebrating because Obama is the new president, or because the end of Bush's administration is in sight. Our country will no longer be represented by an old, white, Christian Texan, but a young, intelligent, (hot), black man. The thought that other countries, and individual citizens around the world, may now percieve America in a completely different way is so exciting. Maybe we won't be thought of as "American Idiots" quite as often.

This is obviously a huge step for unity for Americans, too. I have to say I'm proud to live in an America that elected a black president. Racism and discrimination will not vaporize over night, but having a black president is obviously huge. This is so cliche, but imagine if MLK could see what's going on now.

Finally, I am so proud of my generation. 18% percent of electorates were young people (2 out of 3 in favor of Obama)... more than ever before. It's amazing to see young people caring and paying attention; you cannot call the youth of America "lazy" or "apathetic" any longer. This is really becoming quite the youth movement, a new kind of rebellion. Our parents, aunts and uncles all rebelled in their day, but they were going against the system; my generation, on the other hand, is "rebelling" within the system. We are learning how things work, becoming a part of politics, and having quite the impact. If anything, this should assure you that our future is in good hands.

If none of the above make you excited about the outcome of this election, just remember, this means the Obama kids get a puppy! Aw.

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Joe Mignano said...


#1 - Bush is not Catholic; we have not had a Catholic President since Kennedy.

#2 - The Obama kids are getting a puppy because it is tradition, and quite frankly, a public relations initiative, for the first family to have some sort of animal.

Just my thoughts...