Tuesday 11 November 2008

So-Long TRL?!

I was just informed that the icon of my youth, the program that dominated my preteen thoughts, is finally calling it quits. After 10 years - I was 7 when it began - TRL will no longer be giving us the top videos of the day. Upon hearing this news, I began to think about how, had I known it was going downhill, I might have actually tuned in once or twice in the last few years. Nonetheless, one word represents my thoughts on this issue - WHY?!

Damn you MTV! Without news breaks on this show, the teenage population will have no idea of what's going on in the world. They will become completely uninformed. In the case of a national crisis, the young adults of American will have no idea what is going on, and as a result the nation will surely slip into havoc.

Rest In Peace, Total Request Live... we will miss your irritatingly short videos and desparate attempts at entertaining the short attention spans of American teens.


Tori parmenter said...

Molly! Love the post, especially the last comment about the short videos. So true!

Here is Joe's commentary...

1) TRL wasn't worth watching anymore after Carson Daly left.

2) Best TRL moment ever: Backstreet Boys performing on the roof of the TRL building.

Molly Eadie said...

It's true, Carson Daly was the man. I always felt a little awkward watching Damien Fahey instead, partially because he kind of resembles Carson... odd.

I'm glad you liked my post!!