Tuesday 18 November 2008

Identity Switch

As you most likely have not noticed, I have changed my display name to Molly Kate (my middle name). I have been applying to a number of colleges, and for a number of scholarships, and I have heard horror stories of colleges and universities finding applicant's blogs/facebooks/myspace. However, I've also seen a number of scholarship websites in which you can post your blog URL, so colleges and scholarship programs may have a gander - in belief, of course, that it would help display your talent and creativity. On this subject, I am torn.

Naturally, I would like almost anyone to read this; it is a pretty good display of my beliefs and ideas, as well as my interests and activities. I would hope that this blog would display any talent in writing I might possess. Many of my good attributes can be found in these blogs, many things that I'm sure would help grant me admission to a college.

However, with all I've written, I'm sure there's something in there that I wouldn't want a college or university to see. Although I am not sure quite what that is, this fear of judgement may have gotten the better of me. I expect, on some level, or anyone who read this blog (1) to judge me on some level, but the idea of someone reading it with the question of my future in mind is pretty frightening. I swear occasionally, and although I realize that swearing in writing doesn't mean much in the college world, it certainly cannot help my case. What if the admissions man/woman reads my Obama blog and is a hard-core republican? I know, I know, some of these ideas are ridiculous, but these "what if's" add up into a fear I can't ignore.

I would hate to have to censor my blogs. Suddenly every entry would become a college essay of its own (2), and every description of myself would have to be one that presented me in a studious, organized, practically perfect, manner. I don't think I can handle that.

So I am changing my display name. I removed the URL from my facebook as well as my aim profile. This saddens me, because I would like what I write to be read, but I think it's necessary. If an admissions office is really that good at stalking, and stumbles across Damanta Maith (3), well, that's fine. I'm pretty proud of this baby.

1. Yes, I realize, pretty much no one reads this. It's cool. I can pretend.
2. Actually, nearly every blog I've written is extremely college-essayesque, if you haven't noticed. In the essay section, I should probably just type the URL.
3. I don't think I ever mentioned what a DAMN GOOD blog name I came up with. Gah I want to name my child that.

1 comment:

Joe Mignano said...

Molly, I would have done the same thing. But isn't that sad? Colleges should not judge based on personal Internet traces...I would love to judge the lives of those admissions counselors!