Monday 3 November 2008

Green Fields of NY

Today I was faced with a seemingly simple decision: Should I run, or rest? Every year, after Sectionals, Coach advises that we all take a week off, so that we don't burn out our bodies a few weeks into indoor track. There are many, many times when I would glady take a break from running. However, when I got home from school (1), I couldn't stand the thought of staying in the house.
As I started out in my beloved THOAY (2) shirt and spandex, with my sansa playing The Cure's new album (3), I started thinking about how this could be my last week to run in Western New York in the fall ever. I know how stupid that sounds, and how much it contradicts my "C'est La Vie" attitude of this week. There's really nothing I love more than running around these fields and seeing the trees in all their beauty. In the spring and summer I like to pretend that the green fields surrounding me are actually the green fields of Ireland, not LeRoy; but in fall, I feel like Pocahontas, when she's running around with all the little animals (as well as John Smith), with the wind all different colors flying through her hair, and the leaves dancing all around her. (You can laugh, but the first time I thought that I had just gotten done with a race, and I was experiencing quite the runner's high.) The usual group of men were out working in a field, with all their F-350s and Silverados, and they all wave at me because that's what people do out here. Laurel was outside raking leaves, and I was so tempted to just jump in one of the huge piles. I know that there are leaves other places in the world, and that there are farmers and their trucks in other places too, and I know that the fields are probably greener in Ireland. Still, the realization that I might not be here around this time of year for the next few years, maybe never again, made me completley positive that I made the right choice - even if I were to suffer the wrath of L.

1. I love driving the red truck to school. so much.
2. If I tell you that it's Canadian, you could probably figure out what it stands for.
3. Why is The Cure labeled as "goth"? Does "It's Friday, I'm in Love" really sound like a goth song? "Just like heaven"?

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